How solitude can help you get your life in order

Robin Collie
4 min readMar 22, 2022

We live in an age where socializing is easier than ever. You have countless social media, online communities, forums, groups, and more, yet loneliness is one of the world’s biggest problems, especially among young people. We have been taught in school that humans are social beings and that we can not survive on our own, which is true. However, we can utilize that isolation and solitude to our advantage, and make something good for ourselves.

I am going to list some things that you may do, so you can use solitude to get your life in order. Before we begin I want to tell you that solitude is not the same as loneliness. Some people feel lonely even when they are in big crowds of people. It is just subjective. Yet some people will enjoy time spent alone and make good use of it too.

In isolation, you can find the answers you seek

None no matter how close to you they are can help you as much as you can help you. Read that again. Only you understand yourself and only you can give yourself the answers you seek. In my previous article, I wrote about how you must reserve some time every day for yourself. That time needs to be in total isolation and silence, only you alone with you. No distractions, no kids running and screaming, no partner, nothing. What I would suggest you do is a form of meditation.

Now I don’t mean you have to lay in weird poses under a waterfall or on top of the mountain, next to a river or something. Every morning while you drink your coffee, sit down, and look up to the ceiling. Ask yourself, what is it that I do wrong, that I could improve or fix. It could be a matter of career, relationships, your well-being, or something else. Think deeply about what is bothering you and focus only on that. You would be surprised how easy the solution will pop up into your head. Remember, do this while you are all alone.

Think of the time spent alone as the time you sort things out in your head

Like it or not, everyone needs some alone time. It is the time when you fill yourself with life energy and finally rest from all the things happening in your world. Think of your brain as a hard disc of your laptop. While there was not a lot of information on the hard disc, your laptop was responding fast, it was booting up fast, everything was fast and enjoyable. After some time, you pilled up a lot of data on your laptop. You notice it slowing down, it is not booting up as fast as before. You get annoyed and decide to clean some things up. While searching the web, you notice a thing called defragmentation. Defragmentation is a process of sorting files on your hard disc so that your laptop could run faster. Well, just as your hard disc needs to sort its information out, so do you. Understanding what is a priority in your life, what is your next step, and where to go further. Those things are best understood in solitude.

While alone your creativity and concentration skyrocket

You will notice that when you are alone, your problems will start to solve themself. It’s because it is proven that while you spend time alone your creativity and concentration are on much higher levels than usual. It is partly due to the process of “defragmentation” we talked about earlier. To put it simply, working alone improves your attention, which has further benefits explained in research.

Too much solitude can have emotional consequences

Remember the beginning of the article. Loneliness is still a major problem out there. So don’t overdo this, a little morning ritual, or a walk in nature every couple of days should be enough for you to recharge your batteries. You are still a social being, don’t forget that. But some things are best solved, and necessary to be solved internally.

Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god. — Aristotle